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From to DocPad

I've moved away from for hosting of my blog. Due to a combination of wanting more control over my site (and not having to pay for some of that control) plus the chance to try out some of these static site generators that are available for Node.js

hubReports: Project review

hubReports is a side project of mine. It's a site that gathers data from GitHub on a daily basis and then presents it via the website. I went live with the latest interation of it on November 1st 2013 and thought it was time to review how I think it did and where to go next.

My Adobe ColdFusion wishlist

Here’s my wish list for any future versions of Adobe ColdFusion. It’s partially inspired from what Adobe stated at their SotR13 keynote. Some of it may have already been covered by their roadmap and some parts are wishes for improvements to existing features. I’ve not thought much about the new mobile features that Adobe are aiming for, simply because I’d like to see this stuff in action first and don’t really know how much usage I’d make of it in my day job.

The Ben Nadel Mask of SotR13

Eventually I’ll write up a summary post on my thoughts of Scotch on the Rocks 2013, but until then I wanted to share this magical moment. It all began when I realised that Ben Nadel wouldn’t be making an appearance at SotR13. If you don’t know who he is, apart from being an awesome developer and prolific blogger, he has a tradition of taking photos with people and doing a thumbs up pose. These pictures are then posted as part of his blog header, randomly being displayed.