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General update

Unfortunately I haven't given my site much attention for a while. So I decided to take the time to revamp it a little and alter the way I build it (static site generation). You'll have to bare with me for a bit as I'm going through my old posts and tidying them up / converting them, meaning not everything that was here is currently here (blog posts older than 2012-03 at least). Also thought I'd provide a brief update on upcoming posts and other stuff I'm up to.

The World of JavaScript Tomorrow, Today.

As much as I enjoy writing JavaScript, there are various parts of it I'm not the biggest fan of. When I saw Coffee-Script, I loved how much more enjoyable and easier it seemed to write JavaScript. But eventually there were places that Coffee-Script just seemed to get in the way or was overly fussy. I then started finding out about what the future holds for JavaScript, I liked what I saw and I wanted it now.

Whatever happened to hubReports?

Another little side project of mine bites the dust, but not due to failure. I discontinued this one due to hitting the limits of my hosting resources and a few other reasons. Read of if you're curious.

Twitter Bootstrap, customising CSS

I've always wanted a way to customise Twitter Bootstrap easily, without having to overwrite existing CSS styles with my own or worry about how I would keep it up to date. So I decided it was time to try and put together a process to build my own Bootstrap CSS file using the .less files Bootstrap is built from. Here's what I managed to come up with.