General update

Unfortunately I haven't given my site much attention for a while. So I decided to take the time to revamp it a little and alter the way I build it (static site generation). You'll have to bare with me for a bit as I'm going through my old posts and tidying them up / converting them, meaning not everything that was here is currently here (blog posts older than 2012-03 at least). Also thought I'd provide a brief update on upcoming posts and other stuff I'm up to.


CFCamp 2015

CFCamp is a ColdFusion / CFML related conference that's based in Germany. I've never been to a previous instance of this event but have heard it mentioned by plenty of others. This will mark the second time I've spoken at a conference, the first being Scotch on the Rocks 2014, and I can't wait to give it a go.

FullStack 2015

This was one I wasn't expecting! I threw my proposal at this conference after WAIT 2015 was canceled, not really convinced that I'd get a spot but thought I'd try my luck. FullStack was also pushed back from the original June date, to October, so I had totally forgotten about it. Very pleased to be speaking on static site generation at the event, which I'll detail a little further in a follow up post.

Magazine articles

Web Designer Magazine, issue 240. Article introducing GitHub's Atom editor.

During my time away from blogging, I've had several articles published in Web Designer magazine. A fantastic publication that comes out monthly, featuring all sorts of coverage for web design and development. While it may have taken away from my blog as an outlet on occasion, I may start producing follow up entries based off the back of those articles.

Side projects

Not much going on at the moment. I'm still playing around with Node.js, but have been busy enough to not have a little side-project to tinker away on. Doesn't mean I don't have some ideas up my sleeve so maybe I'll get back to something small soon enough, like the little game idea I had...


Still working in the NHS Wales Informatics Service, doing some quite interesting stuff lately which is allowing me to stretch my skills a little in areas I enjoy. I've also had the chance to share some of my Node.js knowledge by holding a short session providing an introduction to it for other software developers in the organisation.


Here is my tech related hit list for things I really want to try out more:

  • React: Probably via the Redux framework.
  • Microservices: Especially managing, scaling and making them easily discoverable.
  • Kanban: Have been exploring this technique but want to put it into solid practice with a project.
  • Webpack / Browisfy: I've been too focused on server-side JavaScript and need to get a better understanding of all the tools available for the client-side.
  • Mobile Apps: Have dabbled before, but if I get comfortable with React, React-Native could be a nice way to produce some daft little mobile apps for my own amusement ;)
  • Speak at a conference in 2016: As long as the 2015 ones go well ;)
  • Write more magazine articles
  • Do something epic \o/


David Boyer
David Boyer

Full-stack web developer from Cardiff, Wales. With a love for JavaScript, especially from within Node.js.