The following are publications that I've contributed to. Either in-depth articles covering set topics, set by set tutorials or team ups with other developers on joint articles.

Web Designer Magazine245
Web Designer Magazine 245 cover

8 page article (7 of content), covering the current state of JavaScript as a language. Also delves into the top tooling available as well as the top 10 projects according to stars on github that are relevant for use in applications. On top of all this, the future of JavaScript is covered and a tutorial showing some of the future async syntax that will be added.

Web Designer Magazine240
Web Designer Magazine 240 cover

Article covering GitHub's editor Atom. Delving into the web technologies that it's built upon, it's functionality, the package system and themes. Highlighting some of the top packages available and explaining how to author your own package and theme.

Web Designer Magazine237
Web Designer Magazine 237 cover

Tutorial covering Github's Electron project, which allows building of cross platform desktop based applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Node.js). Making use of Twitter Bootstrap and Ace Editor to produce a desktop based Markdown editor.

Web Designer Magazine235
Web Designer Magazine 235 cover

Wrote a 5 page article covering the ES6 standard for JavaScript. Delved into several new features of improvements the ES6 standard will bring JavaScript and provided further code examples. Also explained support for the new standard and how to transpile code to be compatible with JavaScript environments available at the time. The article was given the cover and a primary presence within the issue.

Web Designer Magazine229
Web Designer Magazine 229 cover

Second part of a Metalsmith tutorial written with Matt Gifford. This one covered more advanced topics like custom plugins.

Web Designer Magazine228
Web Designer Magazine 228 cover

Worked with Matt Gifford on a 4 page tutorial focused on Metalsmith. A Node.js based static site generator.

Web Designer Magazine225
Web Designer Magazine 225 cover

Contributed two small tutorials for a Node.js section. A simple static file web server and deploying a Node.js app to Heroku.

David Boyer
David Boyer

Full-stack web developer from Cardiff, Wales. With a love for JavaScript, especially from within Node.js.