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Video - All aboard the NodeJS Express

For my first ever go of being a speaker, I jumped in at the deep end. Lots of people, popular subject, lots of cover within the time limit, loads of nerves and a sprinkling of technical issues. Now you good people get to watch, as a deer caught in headlights presents his talk covering Node.js, NPM and Express at Scotch on the Rocks 2014.

Scotch on the Rocks 2014 - As a Speaker

I recently gave my first talk at a conference. It was covering Node.js, it's package manager npm and the framework Express. The conference was "Scotch on the Rocks 2014". This post shares my experience of being a first time speaker, before going up to speak, during the talk and what happened afterwards. Be warned, it's a lengthy story...

JavaScript hubReport: #1

This post looks at the top 10 JavaScript projects on GitHub that were created in the last 30 days. I'm using my hubReports project for the information and then looked into each entry to learn a little more about them. I've also linked each entry to its GitHub page and hubReports statistics page. This should be the start of a series of posts that'll I'll endeavour to put out monthly.