Video - All aboard the NodeJS Express

For my first ever go of being a speaker, I jumped in at the deep end. Lots of people, popular subject, lots of cover within the time limit, loads of nerves and a sprinkling of technical issues. Now you good people get to watch, as a deer caught in headlights presents his talk covering Node.js, NPM and Express at Scotch on the Rocks 2014.

Warning ;-)

Viewer discretion is advised:

  • Contains a bloke being nervous about his 1st talk.
  • May contain technical issues due to 4:3 cut-off of 16:9 projections.
  • Does contain laptop refusing to display speaker notes + next slide from about 10-15 minutes onwards.

The Video


Thanks to @SOTR (the Scotch on the Rocks team) and @ukfast for recording my talk.

Also, Matt Gifford (monkehWorks) who was the conference staff member assigned to my talk. Simply because, at the time of writing, we've got the closest to the 50 minute limit (1 minute 1 second under) ;-)

Any questions?

If you've any questions related to the talk, I'm happy to answer them. Feel free to comment here, on the video itself, Twitter or via my contact page.


David Boyer
David Boyer

Full-stack web developer from Cardiff, Wales. With a love for JavaScript, especially from within Node.js.