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ColdFusion 10 Backport: ArraySlice & GetApplicationMetadata

Another two functions from ColdFusion 10 recreated for CF8+ (7 if you’re lucky). Since it’s a Friday I’ve picked two easy ones: ArraySlice and GetApplicationMetadata. If you haven’t spotted GetApplicationMetadata, you’ve probably only looked at the CF10 docs “New Functions in ColdFusion 10”, as it’s currently missing off that list but not Charlie Arehart’s massive list.

ColdFusion 10 Backport: CallStackGet & CallStackDump

Next up on the hit list of backported functions from ColdFusion 10 to at least CF8+: CallStackGet & CallStackDump. These functions are aimed at grabbing a ColdFusion stack trace based on where they’re used, for more detailed information take a quick look through the linked manual entries.

ColdFusion 10 backport – SessionStartTime()

Another entry in my new CF10 Backport series, taking a new feature from ColdFusion 10 and showing that it’s possible in older versions. This time the function is SessionStartTime() which can be pretty useful to know in certain applications.

ColdFusion 10 backport - SessionInvalidate()

With all my digging around while putting together CFTracker, I realised that a few new functions in the ColdFusion 10 Beta release are possible in older versions. In this example, it’s SessionInvalidate().

ColdFusion 10 Beta: Multiple HTML5 multiple uploads bug

No, I didn’t type multiple twice by mistake. This post is about Adobe ColdFusion 10 Beta release and its support of HTML5’s <input type="file" name="bob" multiple="multiple" />. But not just one of them, imagine a form with 2 or more “multiple” uploads. Well currently that’s about all you should be doing, imagining, since it’s not properly supported in the current Beta.

ColdFusion 10: Is "5a" numeric?

I was sad to find that two bugs I logged for Adobe ColdFusion haven’t been resolved in the 10 Beta release. What’s more they’re been marked closed and deferred due to “NotEnoughTime”, but I guess Adobe must be pretty busy as I didn’t think these would be that involved to fix.

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