2004 - 2005 Discontinued

A Windows-only network auditing tool. While working at a College I wrote a PHP/MySQL based application that used a login script to collect WMI information and send it to the server. Details such as specifications and installation details where then stored in a database for easy searching and reporting.


  • Part of the domain user login script.

  • Uses WMI to query client information and send back to server.

  • Settable query period.

  • Client hash to detect changes.

  • Complete hardware specification (CPU, RAM, storage, cards, motherboard, monitor, video, sound etc...)

  • Software installed (versions, date).

  • Operating system details (hot fixes, service packs, dates)

  • Network information (IP, Mac, cards, traffic).

  • Last seen date (for missing equipment).

  • Printer information.

  • Custom reports. Example: list all computers with outdated virus scanners.


The following features were in development when I halted work on the project. Most were quite far along and just needed further testing before being released.

  • Network topology. When provided with the right information, the server could map out network equipment (swtiches).

  • Track computer down on the network map. With the network topology feature, equipment could also be tracked down to the switch it was plugged into.

  • Networked printer support. Ability to interact with networked printers that supported SNMP.

  • Basic Linux client support. A script had been created to basic information from Linux based machines that were authenticating with the Windows network.

Discontinuation reasons

I left my job at the college where I developed this solution and became a web developer. After that, I no longer had an environment to test changes on.


Web Archive of the forum for the project.