FullStack 2015 2015-10-26


A fantastic looking conference covering Node.js and JavaScript, taking place in London. I'll be speaking on the benefits of static site generation and show Metalsmith as a solution for that very task.

CFCamp 2015 2015-10-22


A mainly CFML (ColdFusion) based conference being held in Munich, Germany. My talk will feature Metalsmith static site creation and an overview of static sites in general.

WAIT Conference 2015


I was originally scheduled to speak on static site generation using Melatsmith at this conference, but the event did not take place. Due to several reasons, the conference was cancelled.

Scotch on the Rocks 2014

Website Slides Slides + Code Video

All aboard the NodeJS Express

Get on board the NodeJS Express as we take a journey through what makes NodeJS special. Server-side JavaScript that has an event loop for a heart, we'll delve into its single threaded nature and the advantages provided. From there we'll pass through the land of the Node Package Management tool, how to set up your own package and bring in useful 3rd party packages as dependencies. Our final destination is ExpressJS, a Sinatra inspired framework for NodeJS.

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