AvailabilityWant to work with me?


If you’ve got a technical issue related to one of my blog posts or anything I’ve produced, I’m happy to try and help you out. Keep in mind though, if it’s something major that will take a lot of effort to work out or resolve, I may have to politely turn down your request for help. If that is the case, feel free to offer me some kind of incentive and we’ll see if I can spare the time.


I've recently spoken for the first time at a conference. Depending on the circumstances and the topic you would be interested in, I'm happy to discuss any offers. Personal budget and family may impact my availability for speaking or the locations I can travel to.


Having spent time posting blog articles and working with others on content being published in magazines, I am open to further writing opportunities. Please feel free to contact me about any you think I would be interested in, stating the content required and how & where it will be published.


I’m currently in full time employment with the NHS Wales Informatics Service. I am open to offers though, as you never know when something might come along to change that point of view. Please keep in mind the fact that I'm unable to relocate, due to family, but can travel.

Part time work

I’ll only consider part time work (out of normal UK office hours) depending on the conditions and time requirements. As mentioned above, I’m in full time employment already and dedicated to spending time with my family. However, having a family doesn’t come cheap so I am open to offers of temporary, part time work as long as the conditions are suitable.

Any other opportunities

I can’t think of what else you might want me for. If you do manage to think of anything not covered in the above, then just contact me and we’ll see what comes of it.