Skills & Knowledge

ColdFusion / CFML

Dave first started using ColdFusion back in early 2005 when he made the jump from being a college Network Support Officier, to a Web Developer for part of NHS Wales called "Health Solutions Wales". Making use of the language to maintain and create Health related web applications, used internally or as part of an externally accessed CMS.

Continuing at the organisation, he moved into the role of Senior Software Developer and the organisation eventually merged into the NHS Wales Informatics Service. Still working with ColdFusion to create complex health focused web applications, he also works with PHP and JavaScript in certain aspects of his role.


In 2010, Dave started delving deeper into the Java that sits beneath ColdFusion. In the process he uncovered ways to access useful information about the Java runtime and the ColdFusion engine itself. This knowledge was eventually put to use through the creation of an open source project that provided a web interface to the internal information. It provided developers with an insight into the engine, without any alterations to settings or installation of additional Java libraries.


Late 2012 began with a quest to learn more about Node.js. The server-side JavaScript runtime was quickly gaining popularity so Dave took the chance to learn something new and try to make use of it.


Built on top of Node.js and MongoDB, hubReports provided a website that collected information from GitHub on a daily basis and turned it into useful tables and charts to track languages, repositories and users.


Dave is a proud father of 3 children and husband to an amazing wife. He is from and still resides in Cardiff (Wales, UK).

Hobbies & Interests


Having grown up with access to a Spectrum ZX, Atari ST, Sega Megadrive and a Super Nintendo. Dave has a taste for games. While a regular gamer on his XBox360, particulary enjoying games like Minecraft, GTAV, Batman and Skyrim. He enjoys older titles as well from the Atari ST.

Also interested in board and card games, although not at the more serious levels that others may play at.


A big fan of reading fiction, Dave has worked his way through a lot of books from several authors.